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Here's why you should book an initial consultation:

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So you've seen us around, heard about us from a friend or seen our adverts and business cards around the place. What is the next step? An initial consultation might be for you.

Why do we offer the initial consultation?

At Affinity Animal Care we believe that the more information we have on hand about you and your extended feather/fur or fin family, the better job we can do. Provided you live within our service area, we can offer a complimentary (and obligation free) initial consultation for anyone interested in finding out more about our services.

We will introduce ourselves! At Affinity Animal Care we try to ensure that the staff member who comes to your home for this initial consultation is also the staff member who will be working for your for the entire duration of the booking.

How long will this take?

The initial consultation usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes depending on how many pets you have as well as both yours and your pet/s requirements and preferences.

What do we discuss?

Firstly we like to find out what service you are after; Pet Sitting or Dog Walking. We can then confirm availability for your requested times and dates.

We need to collect owner details such as name, address, contact phone numbers and email address.

We will also collect your pet/s details such as name, breed, date of birth or age, registration details (for dogs) and whether your pet is micro-chipped, vaccinated, covered by pet health insurance, as well as your preferred veterinarian details.

We will collect information about existing medical conditions, current medication or treatments for your pet. You will have the option of signing a consent which would allow an authorized staff member of Affinity Animal Care to seek medical assistance for your pet in the event of an emergency and in your absence. (Our staff are trained vet nurses and will always try to contact you as soon as possible if they have any concerns regarding the well-being of your pet/s.)

We will note preferred visit times, grooming requirements as well as any relevant dietary requirements.

As part of our service we offer complimentary photo capture for your peace of mind. You will be offered the option of signing consent to photograph your pet for the purposes of forwarding to you, the owner, privately by email or allowing Affinity Animal Care to share photographs publicly in our promotional material or online.

For Pet Sitting or regular Dog Walking bookings we will discuss the frequency and means of progress updates for your pet.

For Dog Walking inquiries:

An important part of this consultation for anyone looking to book a dog walker is the discussion around behaviour and training. We will reinforce any training that you have already started work on and discuss any concerns you might have with regard to your pet/s behaviour. We can also begin various levels of obedience training or lead etiquette if requested. Our staff members are passionate about keeping your dogs happy and healthy.

For dog walking bookings we will discuss whether you would like us to arrange social walks when they become available in your area. Our staff can also work up to off-leash exercise sessions for spayed/neutered non-aggressive dogs.

For Pet Sitting inquiries:

For Pet Sitting bookings we will discuss whether you need pot plants watered, bins brought in, lights switched on/off, mail collected, or any yard maintenance done. (Depending on the extent of additional duties required there may be an extra charge for this.)

If a key exchange is required, this is usually a good time to do so.

What next?

We will provide you with a quotation for the services you have inquired about and if requested we will help set up an online account and booking through our website.

Please don't hesitate to book an initial consultation if you would like to chat with one of our friendly staff about the services we can provide.

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