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Our favourite spot to walk your dog this week: Hardwood Drive, Mount Cotton

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Mount Cotton has some beautiful parks and off-leash dog areas. 

Mount Cotton Community Park is vast, beautiful, and easy to get to. It has play equipment for the kids, walking tracks, ovals, lakes, toilet and barbeque facilities, a skate park area, shops and of course the fully fenced dog park with training equipment. 

But if you're a local resident who has been using this area for months now and are looking for an alternate path (there are many in the area), I suggest you try Hardwood Drive.

This walk is just off Valley Way, and starts at the corner of Hardwood Drive and Papaya Street. It continues until you reach the roundabout at Golden Wattle Drive.

Hardwood Drive is a relatively quiet stretch of road which winds south past natural bushland (Banksia, Acacia, Eucalyptus, Sigizium, Dianella, Callistamons and many, many other striking specimens). There are lots of great scents for your dog to explore along the way.

The freshly concreted footpath is stretches the entire length so this can be a great place to let loose and run.

A short way along this walk the footpath will deviate from the curbside into a wildlife area. Be sure to keep your dog on the leash at all times as you move through this area.

There is a little playground, an oval and a small lake here. A very quiet spot and lovely to sit and enjoy the local wild birds, dragonflies and butterflies.

It's a great walk to do if you're looking for a walk that is sheltered from the hot midday sun for much of the trek as the bush canopy overhead is substantial.

If you're lucky you and your dog encounter a bush turkey scratching around the leaf litter. This is a good opportunity to practice some obedience training!

As you continue further along the footpath will return to Hardwood Drive still heading south. You will pass over a waterway as you pass your half way mark.

The scenery is quiet beautiful.

When you reach the new housing development (and Golden Wattle Drive) either turn around and return back the way you came, follow the road back instead or explore the estate.

The walk covers around 4 kilometers and takes about 45 minutes to complete the return journey.

Enjoy the walk for a refreshing change of scenery and a some peace and quiet.

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