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Brisbane, Redland & Logan City Dog Walking

Whether your dog needs more walking than you are able to provide or you just want to give your dog some extra exercise during the day, our dog walkers can help. Taking a dog for a walk is one of the best ways to keep them from starting to misbehave. Our service areas include suburbs on the south side of Brisbane City, northern Logan City and all of the Redland City district.

We are able to walk your dog for a duration that best suits your dog's exercise needs - be it a short twenty minute walk or a full hour for the more energetic dog. We use our own leashes, clean up after your dog, carry fresh water for your dog at all times and provide a complimentary towel down upon return after rainy-day-walks. Bookings are available on a casual basis or at a discounted rate for regular bookings and can be tailored to your needs, wants and budget.

Our walkers will make sure your dog is well hydrated (particularly on very hot Brisbane days, exciting social walks and on the longer 60 minute walks). Our walkers will towel your dog dry with fresh dry towels after a rainy day walk and offer complimentary feeding upon return home after each walk. Our walkers are happy to document your dog(s) walk by photographing them on their adventures. We will then email you a copy. If you are happy for us to use any of these photos on our website just let us know because we would be delighted to be able do so!

Our dog walkers are able to transport your dog to parks or beaches if required by you and are happy to share with you the best on and off-leash areas in your local area. Your dog will only ever be let off-leash if permission is given by the owner. Some of the off-leash areas in the areas serviced by AAC allow for water play in Moreton Bay. Please let your walker know if this is of particular interest to you and your dog. If you are located in the vicinity of these areas we will happily take your dog to these areas for their walk. If you are not in the near vicinity of these off-leash areas we are still happy to take your dog for water play in these areas however a travel surcharge will apply and will be discussed with you.

As pack animals, dogs love social walks. Social walks are an excellent way to combine exercise with socialisation for your dog. They can help with your dog’s self confidence and social skills as well as offer mental stimulation. Social walks are optional subject to availability in your local area on the day(s) of your booking. If a social walk is your preferred option and able to be arranged for your booking you will be notified. 

Social Walks are available for single dog households. For safety reasons we will only ever walk a maximum of three dogs at a time. To participate in a social walk your dog must be de-sexed and not aggressive. These walks are an excellent way to develop confidence in your dog as well as teach them skills in interacting with other members of the canine world.

As mentioned in About AAC our walkers have training in animal handling, animal first aid, an absolute love of animals and we ensure our walkers are all fully insured and Police Checked. At your initial consultation you will receive a copy of insurance and Police Check for your dog walker. We will try to book the same walker for your dog each time. This way we can ensure Continuity Of Care which helps foster a strong bond between walker and dog(s) and also develops confidence in your dog. If, for some unforseen circumstance, another dog walker will be walking your dog on a certain day, we will let you know prior to your dog(s)' walk. All of our staff are responsible and passionate about their work with your animal(s); we are sure your dog will love them just as well!

At AAC we offer a friendly and professional service to keep you and your pets happy. We offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. The staff at AAC have a committment to provide your dog(s) with a safe and fun experience whilst in our care.

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