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Options to Tailor Your Booking

There are several options to choose from when making your booking that enable you to tailor your walks to suit your dog(s) requirements as well as your own preferences and budget.

How many dogs are to be walked? 1, 2 or 3

Select from the options how many dogs require a walk. We walk a maximum of three dogs at a time to ensure our dog walkers have good control at all times and ensure a safe and fulfilling walk for your dogs. That being said, why not team up with a neighbour and book walks for your dogs together? After the first dog, each additional dog is just $4.00 regardless of the duration of their walk.

Length of walk: 20, 40 or 60 minutes

Select from any of the three options for walk duration.
The brisk 20 minute walks are suitable for elderly dogs, less mobile dogs, some small dogs and are often a good place to start if you need to gauge the exercise needs of your dog(s).

The 40 minute walks are suitable for dogs that need to really stretch their legs and burn up some energy. 40 minute walks are also a good timeframe for teaching lead etiquette and preparing dogs and their walkers for exercise in partially un-fenced or fully un-fenced off-leash areas.

The 60 minute walks are ideal for energetic dogs, social walks and exercise in off-leash areas. 

Social Walk: Preferred or not

Being pack animals, social walks are a fantastic option for most dogs. Historically, wild dogs start their day with a pack walk! On a social walk your dog will be able to burn energy, satisfy curiosity as well as enhance social skills and correct anti-social behaviour.

Social walks are available for single dog households only and will only be arranged once our dog walkers have ascertained suitability of your dog for this service (this usually entails several solitary walk bookings prior to inclusion on social walks). 

To participate in a social walk your dog must be de-sexed and non-aggressive. Select your preference for a social walk or not, and we will notify you by email prior to the walk if a social walk has been arranged for your dog.

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