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Sustainability Policy

Affinity Animal Care's committment to corporate responsibility and sustainability means managing environmental, social and economic risks and responsibilities and capitalising on opportunities to deliver sustainable animal care outcomes for the broader community of the Brisbane, Logan and Redland City Councils.

Affinity Animal Care recognises that acting in a responsible and sustainable manner creates new opportunities and improves social and environmental returns.

This policy enshrines Affinity Animal Care's committment to corporate responsibility and sustainability, and directs further change across all Affinity Animal Care activities.


Affinity Animal Care is committed to:

  1. Maintaining high standards of honest, ethical and legal business behaviours at all times.
  2. Providing our customers and suppliers with an experience that delivers excellence, meets or exceeds expectations of sustainable performance and engenders loyalty.
  3. Enhancing the communities in which we operate through actions including active engagement, offering innovative and sustainable products and a focussed program of community donations.
  4. Developing, recognising and rewarding our staff to facilitate optimal performance, achieve career objectives and foster a high performance culture committed to sustainability.
  5. Preventing harm to people or animals.
  6. Improving resource efficiency and minimising the environmental impacts of activities.


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